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Jane Palmer established Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond as an independent organisation set up solely to assist people prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Parents’ Rights

  • Parents should be supported in making informed and responsible decisions regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. To assist this process Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond offers an extensive resource library and an extensive and informative website.
  • Natures system is inherently designed to give the best outcomes for the majority of mothers and babies. Parents should place their trust in nature rather than rely on technology, unless medical indications clearly show the need for special care. Intervention in the normal processes of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding should only occur when the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. Recent research shows that there is a need for the re-evaluation of all forms of technological intervention.
  • Continuity of care through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the early parenting years is essential. This care ideally would be available from one source, preferably community based.
  • Parents have a right to choose the birth experience they feel will best meet their needs as a family. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond encourages parents to be fully informed about all choices available to them before making their final decision.
  • Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are intrinsic parts of a woman’s sexuality. Those caring for the pregnant or breastfeeding woman, should recognise their role in enhancing these aspects of a woman’s life.

Childbirth Preparation

  • Nobody should face childbirth unprepared, regardless of the place of birth. Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond believes that adequate prenatal care is essential and that there must be an equal regard for the emotional and physical aspects of birth
  • Prenatal classes in the community, which are independent of hospitals or other health institutions, should be an available and accessible option. Freedom of choice in the type of classes should be given to all parents early in pregnancy.
  • Prenatal classes include the physiology of birth, the emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth, nutrition, self-help techniques for labour, drugs (advantages and disadvantages), obstetric complications, breastfeeding, newborn care, contraception and parenting.
  • Prospective parents will have individual expectations of birth and parenthood. The prenatal classes aim to prepare parents with the possibility that their outcome may be different from their expectations. Counselling needs to be available to assist parents to come to terms with an unexpected outcome.
  • Consumer satisfaction is of great importance. All prenatal education programs require constant evaluation to ensure that classes reflect the desires of the consumers.


  • Every woman should be able to choose a birth environment appropriate to her needs.
  • Every labouring woman should have her chosen companions with her during labour, to provide emotional and physical support and continuity of the special relationship she has with them.
  • Every effort should be made to assist the labouring woman to assume whatever position she needs for her own comfort, and that birth should take place in the most physiologically advantageous position for the woman.
  • To enhance effective bonding, interference with the family unit in the first few hours after birth should be discouraged.
  • Responsible homebirth is a viable alternative to hospital birth. The decision about homebirth must rest with parents, guided by the midwife and/or doctor providing care. Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond offers support for parents who have chosen this option.


  • Breastfeeding is the optimum method of feeding and everything should be done to encourage women to breastfeed their babies. If for whatever reason, bottle feeding is the choice of the woman, then she to needs support for that decision.

Postnatal Support

  • Ongoing support for new parents after the birth of a baby is essential and of great value to many couples.
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