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Down to Birth

Down to Birth

Women are amazing and awe-inspiring. That is the truth at the heart of my practice.

Midwives are amazing and impressive. Midwives are skilled in a craft that goes beyond science and measures and into the hands-on, heart and soul of what makes us human. Midwives have to be confident in themselves and their skills.  I wil ask some of the lovely women that I've supported whether I can put some of their photos up here for your edification. In the meantime, please enjoy some more of my shots.

Birth is amazing and powerful. It is transformative of women into mothers, partners into parents, and couples into families, in a way that ceremony and pomp can't.

I am a midwife who is is supportive of the birthing woman, encouraging consideration of the path to take because in the end, pregnant women birth within a complicated, complex and challenging construct that doesn't change the fact - that women are amazing.

About Emma Archer

I am in my 30s, a mother of one home birthed babe, and a registered midwife practising in the Adelaide Hills. I am active in my local area, which is a new one to me but one that I am enjoying discovering!

I drive a Skoda because my husband is a mad cyclist. I on the other hand don't enjoy riding, but I do like yoga, walking and dancing.

My mantra in life is that the problem is the solution - I look on the flipside to a problem to try to find the solution.

I knit, I've just taken up crochet, and I wear a lot of colours.  I am a liker of tea, I do not have much of a sweet tooth and I'm a Piscean.


As your care provider, I offer a prenatal consultation service, a structured antenatal care program, attendance at your birth, and comprehensive postnatal care. I also offer birth planning, birth debriefing, antenatal education, breastfeeding support and early parenting care. I am competent as a registered midwife to provide support to women and their families from conception to 6 weeks after the birth of the baby.

This includes:

  • Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the woman and her baby
  • Providing the woman and her family with individualised education
  • Providing continuous hands-on assistance during labor and birth at home, and the 42 days afterwards
  • Minimizing technological interventions
  • Having a holistic practice, which means Identifying and referring women who require further care to the care provider most suited

Examples of care include:

  • Pre-conception conversations
  • Antenatal care - around 10 appointments during your pregnancy and probably more!
  • Holistic pregnancy care - your body, your family, your journey
  • Preparation for the birth through education, resources and discussion
  • Discuss available screening tests
  • Help to prepare a birth plan
  • Support and encouragement for an active birth
  • Care during the immediate hours after birth
  • Lots of postnatal support especially in the early days of parenting
  • Relevant paperwork and documentation
  • Ongoing breastfeeding support through to weaning
  • Postnatal care, debrief and support
  • Extensive library of books and DVDs for reading

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting is a time of change - a whole year of discovering a new "you". There are many ways to prepare for this and I'd be delighted to be at your service.


You can contact Emma by phone on 0411 160 380.

Or by email emma@downtobirth.com.au

Visit Emma's website

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