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Moonbeam Massage

Baby Massage

Age group: 5 weeks to crawling

Babies are born looking to communicate - and looking for a pair of eyes .........a voice.........a smell.........and a heartbeat. ‘Our skin is the oldest and the most sensitive of our organs, our first medium of communication, and our most efficient protector.’ - Ashley Montagu

Through INFANT MASSAGE you will..........

  • enjoy uninterrupted one-on-one time with your baby - great too, for fathers!
  • improve communication
  • develop a trusting and secure attachment
  • stimulate muscle development and tone by encouraging co-ordination and balance
  • relieve colic and other tummy irritations
  • ease muscular tension
  • learn how to help your baby relax
  • stimulate neurological development
  • improve sleep

Moonbeam Massage is ideal for all babies

  • full term
  • babies born prematurely
  • those with special needs

Class Information:

•   4 week course
•   Massage notes, personal bottle of massage oil and morning tea provided
•   Class sizes are kept small to ensure calm, focused attention

Where:   The Lifepod, 1a Victoria St, Paddington (off William St)
When:    Tuesdays from 10 -11.30am (contact Suzy for details)
Cost:      $150 (or put together a group of 4 friends in your own home and, as host, receive a 50% discount
Website: www.moonbeammovement.com.au       

“Through a mother’s holding, the infant learns that it has a skin, the limits of which define ‘me’ and ‘not me’.” - D. Winnicott

In the few months after birth, a baby begins to sense its physical separation from its mother yet still craves the close contact. When mother/father and baby move ‘in sync’, the world makes sense - it becomes predictable, organised and safe.

Moonbeam Movement

Moonbeam 1

Age group: 5 months to walking

Through Dance/Movement Therapy you will....

  • Build trust and empathy by moving in a relaxed and confident way with your baby
  • Become aware of and respond to your baby’s unique responses
  • Build a movement repertoire by switching levels, changing rhythms and exploring spacial awareness
  • Exercise the intuitive bond that exists in the space between you and your baby
  • Reinforce healthy developmental patterns
  • Feel connected through the rhythm of the music, through your eyes, through your breath
  • Stimulate all the baby’s senses
  • Reinforce the development of neural pathways improving cognitive processes
  • Shake bells, walk on tippy-toes, share a wiggle and a giggle!

At:                The Lifepod, 1a Victoria St, Paddington
When:          Contact Suzy Wolanski 0413 44 4914
Email:          suzy@moonbeammovement.com.au
Website:      www.moonbeammovement.com.au  


‘I am more creative and use items around the house to create noise and rhythm. I swing with my baby as opposed to just swing her’ - Margot and Arella (7 mths). 

Moonbeam Movement   Moonbeam Movement

About Suzy......

Suzy Wolanski is passionate about babies!


In particular, about creating the optimum conditions for healthy attachment and deep connection between a mother/father and infant, which in turn promotes the development of a positive sense of self for the baby and a growing sense of confidence for the parent.

She has had many years’ experience as a dancer, teacher, yoga practitioner and mother and currently runs yoga, massage and movement courses for mothers and babies as well as working in a voluntary capacity for ‘Mum-to-Mum’, an organisation offering emotional support for mothers in-need.

Suzy is known for her warm, gentle and creative approach to engaging mothers and babies. From Pre-Natal Yoga to Infant Massage (newborn to 5mths) and on to Dance/Movement Therapy (5mths to walking), the common thread for all modalities is the potential for meaningful and effective mothering: a means by which to offer the child, at the most influential time in his life, a secure and loving environment where he will be able to develop a positive self image and an important first relationship offering tender, loving care and respect, so that he in turn will know how to care for and respect others.....and this is achieved through the quality of connection. The future of our society depends on it!

As a Pre-Natal Yoga instructor Suzy encourages the expectant mother to take her focus inward and deepen her relationship with her baby, engaging him through visualisation and breath work, vocal toning and meditation - encouraging the mother to practice her own internal resources together with gentle postures in preparation for birth and the most transformational experience of her life.

As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) through IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Suzy educates the new mother on the importance of nurturing touch, how to understand her baby’s daily cycle and what her newborn is communicating to her by learning to recognize his behavioural cues, how to soothe the nervous system and stimulate the digestive, hormonal, respiratory systems and more, using simple massage strokes encorporating Indian and Swedish techniques, reflexology and gentle ‘baby yoga’ stretches.

And as a Certified Dance/Movement Therapist Suzy creates a magical space where mother and child engage eachother through movement, music, voice, rhythm and dance often accompanied by a vast range of props promoting sensory and physical integration. The DM framework provides the perfect vehicle for the shared enjoyment of discovery and play where the mother can introduce her baby to new experiences and new textures that make up our incredible world, in a gradual, unthreatening yet exciting way.

Being a movement specialist and a mother of four beautiful children Suzy understands the profound importance for the strengthening of connection.....and the pathway to achieving it. The intention of all her classes is to provide a space where mother and child can experience wonder, enhance the intuitive relationship and find delight in eachother’s eyes.

When a mother/father and baby move in sync, the world makes sense - it becomes predictable, organised and safe.’ - B Meekums

Website: www.moonbeammovement.com.au

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