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  1. Criteria when looking for a midwife

    What are some questions to ask or things to look for when trying to find a midwife?
  2. Introducing cows milk if breastfeeding?

    Is it necessary to introduce cows milk if you plan to continue breastfeeding past the age of 1?
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    Has anybody used the hypnobirthing method? How was your experience? If you have used other birthing methods how was hynobirthing in comparison as far as pain control?
  4. Postpartum cycle while breastfeeding?

    Is it normal to have an irregular cycle after your first postpartum period? If so, how long until it becomes regular? Thanks!
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    Hello! :)

    Hi, I'm Courtney. :) I'm a mother to an almost 1-year-old boy. I have a passion for breastfeeding and natural as well as gentle parenting. I have recently begun researching birthing methods,...
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