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  1. Proper Nutrition/Diet For Fostering A Healthy Lifestyle to a Developing Toddler

    Hi everyone! My query is regarding the proper nutrition of my 2-year old Cielo. I am very meticulous with the proper food intake of my child. She has good appetite, drinks her milk on time, and...
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    Right Age to Conceived

    Hello everyone! I'm Josephine, single, but I am a happy foster mother to a 2 year-old girl. I am interested to generate some answers to my query regarding, when is the right age for a woman to be...
  3. Home immediate intervetions for my toddler

    Hello, I am a first time Mum. I still do not have good ideas on how to deal with my 2-year old toddler whenever she has fever. I would just like to ask for some insights on what are the best possible...
  4. Watching Educational Learning Videos Everyday, Is this a good habit?

    My toddler, Cielo, watches educational learning videos everyday, especially during her feeding time. She really enjoys watching them, since the cartoon characters like Barney or Winnie the Pooh and...
  5. Good Spanking for Toddler's Extreme Negativism

    Hi, I'm Josephine, and I have a 2-year old toddler. Her name is Cielo. As parents all know, toodlers are regarded as terrible twos wherein frequent mood swings and tantrums happen. I am a first time...
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    Is homebirthing a good choice?

    Hello everyone! I just would like to have some insights on, do homebirths offer a more advantage way for delivering a baby, considering that the room to be utilized for delivery is a non-sterile...
  7. Problem with achieving bladder control of a 2-year-old

    Hello everyone. I'm Josephine. A have a 2-year-old girl named Cielo. I am having a problem with the bladder control of my girl. I have always been instructing my little girl to ask me or her nanny to...
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    Great day everyone! I'm Josephine, 26 years of...

    Great day everyone! I'm Josephine, 26 years of age, single. I am a foster mother to a 2-year old pretty girl named Cielo. She is such an adorable toddler. I am a freelancer. And I am also dedicating...
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