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  1. at what age i can put my baby on a baby carrier?

    safe age of baby can put on baby carrier?
  2. how often i can expose my baby at sun early morning?

    they told me that exposing baby a sun early morning will help her it true?
  3. what are the safe way doing a body massage to a baby?

    i wanna know some ways of body massage for my baby.
  4. after i gave birth i started to forget somethings do i need to take supplement?

    yes sometimes i get amnesia or just forgot some things .is there any medication to do with it?
  5. Is 5 months fresh from a cs section delivery can get pregnant?

    i just it possible?
  6. Should I stop using wipes if they seem to be aggravating my baby's diaper rash?

    should i stop or its okay to continue?
  7. my baby started to eat cerelac infant cereal at age of 5 months old is that okay?

    she love to eat cerelac but im worried about her weight.
  8. can i use a detergent or scent booster to my baby's clothes?

    would that be okay?
  9. does bubble bath cause urinary tract infections?

    how true is it?
  10. is it okay if i put a body cologne to my baby?

    isn't harmful?
  11. At what age is it safe to start putting insect repellent?

    sometimes i put a insect repellent on my baby's skin is that bad?
  12. Is that bad if i let my baby sleep on her cradle the whole night?

    sometimes i let my baby sleep on her cradle the whole night is that okay?
  13. My baby have rashes is it okay if i put some ointment?

    what probably ointment should i put?
  14. Is that bad if i let my baby sleep with a dummy on her mouth?

    She loved to sleep with a dummy on her mouth and I'm worried about her teeth development.
  15. Thank you for respond this will help. :)

    Thank you for respond this will help. :)
  16. What are the benefits if my baby listen music often?

    my baby keep on listening music what is the good effect of it to her?
  17. Replies

    Is it okay if i do massage for my baby?

    i want to do a body massage for my 5 months old baby is it okay?
  18. Does natural contraception really works?

    I'm trying this one now is this really work?
  19. Does pills while nursing affect baby's growth?

    is there any effect?
  20. Is it okay if my baby do breastfeeding to other mum?

    My friend used to breastfeed my it okay?
  21. I stopped nursing my baby at 1 month old.Does her health affects it?

    My baby stopped nursing on me at 1 month old and I'm worried about it.
  22. Why after i gave birth my hair started to loss?

    I really wonder why im having a hair loss problem after i gave birth how can i treat this?
  23. Hi thank you for your answer it helps me a lot :)

    Hi thank you for your answer it helps me a lot :)
  24. How to treat a keloids after vaccination injection?

    my baby has a keloids on her left shoulder is there any basic treatment to treat it?
  25. Can a 5 months old baby eat some vegetables?would that be okay?

    Would that be okay if i let my baby eat at 5 months old age?
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