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    How to increase my breastmilk supply?

    Right now, I'm doing tandem nursing with my kids. So, I need to know how to increase my milk supply. There are many food supplements and nursing teas for mums in the market. But, is there any option...
  2. How to deal with older baby nursing with her younger sister?

    Now, I welcome myself in tandem breastfeeding. Last month, my two-year old baby is nursing again. When she was a littlie like 7 months old, she stopped nursing because I was pregnant. We introduced...
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    How to deal with a hyper baby?

    My two-year old daughter is really a hyper baby. She's very active and playful. Other moms thought that I always feed her some sweets and chocolates. And they ask me not to do so. But it is something...
  4. Is it safe to take pills for nursing mums?

    I'm a nursing mum and I'm concerned to take birth control pills. My husband and I would like to do our family planning. My youngest is already 18 months old. Is it safe to take pills in my condition?...
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    Hello Beautiful People!

    :D My name is Mommy Annrie. I'm a mum of two cute daughters. I also love to bake goodies like cakes, cookies and many other pastries. It's so nice to be here with other people with same interests. I...
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