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  1. Really Liked your Suggestion

    Hey Thanks so much for replying.I liked your suggestion and have a feeling that it is going to work.My daughter is going to love her new night time buddy.
  2. Thanks so much for your response.


    Thanks for your suggestion.I have always been comfortable doing yoga.

    Long way to go....:)
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    Suggestion for healthy kid's diet...

    Hi I am a Stay at home mum.I am always worried about my elder daughterís health.She is 10 years old..She is actually a fussy eater. I would love to have a diet plan or some ideas for her, in...
  4. How to get rid of bad thumb sucking habit of kid?

    My elder daughter still sucks her thumb. Thankfully, we have managed to restrict this activity to night time. I want to get rid of this habit of hers.I have already tried some methods like putting...
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    Improve brestfeed?

    My question is regarding Breastfeeding. I am a mother to a newly born baby. I have observed that he cries a lot during the day and night as well. The baby wants to be Breastfed all the time, as if he...
  6. New mom, desperately wants to lose weight, post pregnancy

    Its been a month since I gave birth.I had been very active during the pregnancy and have done gentle exercises, yoga.

    Please advice me if I should start exercising now?
    Would it be too early...
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    What are the safe contraceptives ?

    My query is about the choice available for safe contraceptives? What are the side effects of these available options? :confused:

    My interest is to focus on my career with least worry about...
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