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  1. Is it alright to punish my kids when they commit mistakes?

    My kids do not eat much. Every morning, I am having trouble talking to them only to finish their breakfast. Sometimes, I do not give them allowances and at times, I tend to let them finish their food...
  2. How can I manage my time so that I will not be lacking time with my kids?

    I go to school twice a week and attend my newly installed business thrice a week. My two kids are going to school every day from Monday to Friday. Sometimes, when I am so tired, I yell at them only...
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    My Girls Love to Watch Suspense Movies

    Is it okay for a 6 and 4 years old children to watch other movie genes other than cartoons? I noticed recently that my girls love to watch suspense thriller movies with their uncles. They laugh at...
  4. My Six Year Old Girl Seems to Ignore Everything I Say

    My kid is smart. She answers my questions smartly but sometimes she shouts at me when she doesn't want me talking or correcting her mistakes. All I do is hold her hand and talk in the nicest way I...
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