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  1. Thank you for your kind answer. I didn't know...

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    I didn't know that! I asked the doctor two times if I can have both, breastfeeding and treatment, but he answered no. I thought that's a must.

    I think both would...
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    Glad to be here to hear all the love stories :-)

    Glad to be here to hear all the love stories :-)
  3. If choosing betwean vaccines which one to choose?

    My husband an I were taking some time to think about vaccine. We heard reasons for and against, and weren't sure what to choose. What we surely accepted is that there is no need to hurry with...
  4. Thread: bed or bath?

    by Tristana

    bed or bath?

    Hello everyone,

    Should you choose a birth in bed or a birth in bath, pros and cons? Or something third :)

    I had a home birth in a birthing pool. My friend had a home birth in her bed.

  5. Fighting the depression by medicine vs oxytocin from brestfeading

    Hello everyone,

    I suffered the depression after my births (both of them).

    For my second birth I got to know the process and I was strongly convinced everything will be wonderful. I organized a...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello to all of you wonderful mums!

    I'm a mother of two sweetest kiddos, and am so eager to do all the beautiful things that life offers. I did juggling when I was younger, I guess you can say I'm...
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