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    Gadget Dependent. Is it bad??

    As we have noticed nowadays gadgets are everywhere, used by anyone regardless of the age.
    My Bub started learning through Ipad, seeing and appreciating different colors, letters, numbers, rhymes and...
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    Too much watching cartoons on TV

    My daughters are Cartoon-addicts, they can watch cartoons the whole day if they want to.
    Can this animation influence their mind? Cause my 5 year old child tries to imitate the "princess" on the TV...
  3. Daughter has stopped vaccination, is she prone to different illness?

    My daughter's last vaccination was the 6 in 1 vaccine, last April 13, 2013 she was 2 months old back then
    and now shes 1 year and 4 months. With this huge gap, does this make her immune system...
  4. How to avoid my daughter from school influence?

    My Daughter is in a Preparatory right now, and I'm afraid that the different attitude in school might disrupt her.
    When we're at school she won't listen to me and mimic her classmates attitude. Is...
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    How to discipline a very hyper child?

    My daughter is 1 year and 4 months and seems to be very active, run around the house like a ballistic monkey.
    When i tried puling her and making a straight conversation she won't just listen instead...
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