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  1. I want to develop further my youngest child

    My youngest is 4 years old and I can see a lot in him which indicates something like independence, witty, being wise and he has a lot of questions to ask. I love talking to my little one but I am...
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    How will I change my eldest son?

    One thing which is very hard for me to accept is the fact that I have not done much for my eldest during his growing years. He was always left under the custody of my parents because I was so...
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    My insensitive husband

    Is it my fault that when me and my husband started our marriage life, I did not obliged him to financially provide our family (because at that time, I had a well paying job), I used to spend my own...
  4. How will I improve the relationship between my husband and my eldest son?

    Since I gave birth to my eldest son, he had been under the care of his grandparent(my father more especially). He was seldom been under the care of his father that over the years, they have grown...
  5. Skin rashes always appear on my son's skin

    Hi, I am really wondering what is happening to my youngest son because every time he is exposed to extremes of weather (either too cold or too hot) he will manifest reddish spots all over his body...
  6. So excited of being part of this forum

    Hi everyone, I feel great becoming a part of this community where I will definitely find answers to my queries and I am really looking forward that I will gain more insights about parenting and...
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