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    Baby wearing and back pain


    I have an organic bamboo cotton wrap carrier. What is the best way to carry my son as he gets heavier (he is only 2 months old right now) to help reduce back pain? I also have an Ergo carrier....
  2. Using a bottle for breastmilk - Sterilization?


    I was wondering how often you should sterilize a bottle if only using it occasionally. I store my milk (the excess that is expressed while I am breastfeeding on the other side) in the...
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    Hi! I am a new mum to Braeden, born December 30,...

    Hi! I am a new mum to Braeden, born December 30, 2011. Just here looking for information regarding his upbringing and perhaps get information regarding our next baby!
  4. How long did you wait before trying for your second child?

    Hi there! I have a 2 month old boy, and I know we want a second child. I would like to wait until he is pretty 'independent' before I have my second because breastfeeding (for me, anyway) was very...
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