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  1. With the Tubal Reversal what type of precautions...

    With the Tubal Reversal what type of precautions the spouse can take for a successful conception?
  2. How can the Spouse help with Conception After Reversal

    Is there anyway the Spouse can contribute when trying to have a Bub after Tubal Reversal?
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    What are some things I can do to ensure I become...

    What are some things I can do to ensure I become pregnant after Tubal Reversal. I had natural burns done with the Tubal-ligation, I have not had the surgery as of yet but I would like to prepare...
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    Baby After Tubal Reversal Procedure

    I had procedure Tubal-ligation performed July 28th 2005, I was aware that I would be unable to have children but at that time I did not care. I was young and at the time it was something I really...
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    Trying to conceive after Tubal Ligation


    My name is Natasha Wright. I have three boys, ages 8,9, and 12. The 9 year old and 12 year old are mine from another relationship and the 8 year old is from a previous relationship for my...
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