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  1. thank you so much

    the information i got regarding contraceptive pills is now clearer to me :) maybe i should stop my pills even though i need those sometimes to regulate my menstruation. should i use fertility pills...
  2. Does alcoholic and smoker have a chance of healthy pregnancy?


    I found it hard to quite smoking and pass drinking. Do I have a chance of healthy pregnancy out of being a smoker and drinker?
  3. Does stress affect infertility and miscarriage?


    I got pregnant before I have my work. I was hired 6 months after giving birth which involves some stress and work overload. Now wanting another child, I find it hard to get pregnant again.
  4. How to get pregnant after a long years of continuos birth control using pills?

    Hi there,

    My story goes like this. I instantly got pregnant on my first child. After giving birth, my husband and I decided to take a family planning to put a birth gap on our children. I used...
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    Hi everyone! I'm find your topics in this site...

    Hi everyone!

    I'm find your topics in this site very interesting!

    By the way, my names is Renolyn, a working mom of 1 child. I love collecting ideas on the best way I could raise my child and...
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