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    My child has very little appetite

    My youngest child is almost 4 years old. She eats only soft food for meals and seldom eats solid food. She has very little appetite and always asks for milk. I try to prepare healthy food and make...
  2. What are the risks of a fourth C section delivery?

    This is my third pregnancy, and will definitely be through C section because both my kids were born through C Section as well. My eldest is 7, and the next is 3 and a half. Both are girls. We...
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    Placenta Accreta

    This is my third C section. My doctor said this should be my last pregnancy because there is a risk of Placenta accreta or abnormal deep attachment of the placenta into the uterus. Is there a way...
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    Hi everyone, I'm Gladys. I'm new here. I'm 18...

    Hi everyone, I'm Gladys. I'm new here. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my third child. Both my children were born thru C Section. We're hoping this one will be a boy this time. I went through the...
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