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    Hi, Thanks for the advice, my worry is because...


    Thanks for the advice, my worry is because my boobs have shrunk within those days and they are very small right now,so am not sure if they have enough milk for my boy.
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    Milk for the baby

    I delivered a bout 10 days ago and since the third day my milk has declined which is making me get worried since i don't want to introduce formula milk to my baby boy,
    kindly help.
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    Hello ljmarsden, Thanks a lot looking forward...

    Hello ljmarsden,
    Thanks a lot looking forward to learn more from the forum
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    First time Mom

    Hello everyone,
    Am very excited to be a first time mom and would like to be assisted with some questions i have been asking myself through the journey of having a foreign being in my tummy for nine...
  5. Is it safe to get a manicure while I'm pregnant?

    Planning to go for a whole make up this weekend and would want to know if all will be well with my baby whom i feel like is swimming in my tummy
  6. Dieting during pregnancy how safe is that?

    I went to the hospital the other day and my doctor told me to do a scan which should that my baby is weighing 3.5kgs and he is like two weeks before delivery, i got concerned since i did not want to...
  7. How safe is it to do sit-ups or abdominal crunches during pregnancy?

    Being an expectant mom and with a passion to exercise so as to keep fit i would like to know if its safe to do sit ups especially in the last months of pregnancy.
  8. Is it safe to sit the whole day on computer working?

    I do work online and my concern is what might be the danger of working through out the day on the computer?
    am i putting my baby in any danger?
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