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  1. Hi Roger, Thanks for your reply! :-) Yes...

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your reply! :-)

    Yes its my first pregnancy so as you can understand I'm sure, I'm just a little worried because its my first time. Its just really annoying now and not so...
  2. 5wks pregnant with small sharp pains??

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm extremely happy to announce that I'm 5 weeks pregnant :) And I'm sure I'm just being paranoid for no real reason but last week I started to get some small sharp pains in my lower...
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    Ok ladies, So my husband and I are trying to fall pregnant and we are a couple that wants to know exactly how it all works! I have some questions about Ovulation...

    Firstly, My period fell on the...
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    Kate, What is PCOS? Sorry you may explained and I...

    Kate, What is PCOS? Sorry you may explained and I have missed it...*Blonde Hair :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks Kate. Im so grateful for your help and...

    Thanks Kate. Im so grateful for your help and advise :-)

    I have called Christine and left a message so I look forward to hearing from her and making an appointment.

    Regarding your comment...
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    Thank You Kate!

    WOW. Thank you Kate! You have explained this so well!

    The thing is my cycle has always been 28-30 days - always. It only changed to 36 days about 3 months ago. Noting I have moved to the other...
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    Most fertile when?

    Hi there,

    I have just read a reply post from a lovely lady who has explained when a lady is most fertile. If she is correct in saying what she has said, then i have it all wrong! Which doesnt...
  8. Can anyone refer me to a Perth Doctor to ask questions about Preconceiving

    My husband and I have made the decision that we are ready to try and conceive. I have just gotten off the pill after 10 years of being on it. My husband works away 6 months of the year so is home...
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