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    Hello LJ, Thank you for sharing your ideas, it...

    Hello LJ,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, it somehow lift a burden off my shoulder. Nevertheless, the reason I am unhappy involved lots of factors and having another baby is one of those, I do...
  2. What Medication Do I Need To Use To Treat Chronic Coughing?

    Ever since my son went to school, he always got a cough even up to these days. When I brought him to his pediatrician, his doctor will just prescribe an antibiotic with a cough expectorant medicine....
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    Radiation effects on my kids eyes

    Being the only child, and the only kid in our house, he grew up with nobody to play with. Since I don't have any helper, I find ways to keep him busy and amused so that I can continue working with...
  4. How To Keep my 8 year-old son from addictive computer games

    My problem with my son's over-indulgence with computer games is already getting worst these days. It gets me worried since all of his grades decreased. Considering that he is my only son and the only...
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    Best Toothache Remedy For Pregnant Mums

    I don't know for whatever reasons there may be, but every time I got pregnant I always experience the most excruciating toothache pain ever. Worst thing is that, I was not allowed to take any pain...
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    Food For The Brain

    I was just wondering if there are certain food groups that can enhance the intelligence of a baby inside the womb? Basically, foods have different effects on our health; there are certain food groups...
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    Getting pregnant at the age of 45

    I have 2 kids, the eldest is already 22 and the youngest is 8; at present I am already 45 yet, I still want to get pregnant and have a baby. However, all of my friends and cousins who are nurses are...
  8. Risks of Having Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

    My cousin is four weeks pregnant now; lately she felt pain on her lower abdomen, for that she went to her gynecologist for a check-up. All of us were appalled when her gynecologist told her that the...
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    Hello fellow Mums, I am a mother of two kids,...

    Hello fellow Mums,

    I am a mother of two kids, my eldest is already 22 years old and my youngest is an 8-year old boy. As of now I am already turning 45 years old; yet, I still want to get pregnant...
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