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Thread: Recommended chiropractors

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    Recommended chiropractors

    I invite you to use this thread to talk about your positive experiences in receiving chiropractic care either while you were pregnant or as treatment for your baby. Please note this part of the forum is moderated. So all posts have to be approved.
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    recommended chiro

    Highly recommend Samantha Johnson at Norwest Spinal Health (Castle Hill area) but also have had success with some of her staff namely Rochelle, Erin (who is new but I found her to be very good) and Jane has been good for my girls allergies but not so good for structural stuff.

    Samantha solved major problems with clamp-down syndrome (biting reflex) and also car/motion sickness for my newborn.

    They all use N.E.T. (Neuro emotional technique). No cracking either (as long as you ask). Very gentle and very supportive of non-vaccination/homebirth and many other things.

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