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Thread: Gender Swaying

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    Gender Swaying


    Could you explain me gender swaying. I would like to try for a baby girl for my next pregnancy.

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    Kate, another woman who frequently posts in this forum, can probably tell you a lot more about this than I can. What I do know is that "male" and "female" sperm differ in strength and agility. I do not remember all the reasons why, but you are more likely to conceive a girl with less "deep" penetration during intercourse.


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    Hello ibrualfi,

    You'll find some information on how to sway the odds of conceiving a girl here.

    Hope this helps and please post back with any questions or comments.

    Warm Regards,


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    I have written a book called 'Swaying' available on Amazon. I swayed myself (my book is fictional - showing the extremes and emotions of the taboo subject.)

    I'm unable to post the link because I have fewer than five posts, but on Amazon if you google in all departments 'Swaying' it comes up. It has hands with a pink and blue egg on it. Good luck x

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