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    Unhappy can the smell of wood varnish harm my baby ?

    i am 25weeks pregnat my dad has just vanished a bedroom the door is closed and there is a towl under the door but the smell is right through the house i just wanted to know if the smell of the wood varnish could harm my unborn baby ?

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    In general, I don't think that the varnish smell will harm your baby, but there are some things you can do to help the toxins that you are breathing to move out of your system quickly.

    Anytime you can smell strong chemicals it's best to try to avoid them. Whether this is when you're trying to conceive, when you're pregnant, or after your baby arrives. Those chemicals are not good for the body. However, the liver can often handle the toxins before they cause damage to the body. If your liver is stressed then that's when damage is most likely to occur.

    I would make sure that you support your liver by drinking plenty of pure water, drinking dandelion tea, taking milk thistle (an herb), avoiding alcohol, avoiding caffeine and avoiding sugar.

    Be sure you're eating plenty of whole fruits and vegetables so you'll be sure to have at least one good bowel movement (poo) a day. If you're constipated the toxins the liver tries to move out of your body will stay in your body longer than they should.

    Be sure you're getting plenty of fresh air each day. Open windows when you're indoors, and if you need, try to go shopping or spend time at a friend's house while the varnish is drying/out-gassing.

    Hope this helps.

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