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    Overweight Mum scared for Vaginal delivery

    My friend is pregnant. She was 160lbs originally and had put on much weight when she got pregnant. She really looks too fat. The family is worried about her giving birth. So, they scheduled a CS procedure for her but my friend is hesitant for it. I agree with my friend but would love to hear your opinion. What are the risks of vaginal delivery if you are overweight? Is it really a good option for her to for a Scheduled Cesarean Section?

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    I would suggest that she do some research online about the subject. Vaginal deliveries tend to be much much safer for mom and baby. C-sections come with so many risks. Being over weight is not enough reason to have a c-section.
    One must be medically indicated, could it be that she has some underlying issues that would cause the need for a c-section to arise?
    Please refer your friend to this website:
    Great information on vaginal vs sections.
    Thank you for being concerned about your friend.


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    Thanks so much for taking time to reply in my post. Such a learning. I will surely do tell her this fact. Thanks again.

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    I would say that 160 lb is not a reason to have a c-section. You say she has put on weight in pregnancy so I don't know her current weight - do you know her BMI (body mass index) as this can tell us more than weight alone. A c-section is a major operation and unfortunately has risks for both mother and baby.

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