Hi everyone,

At one of my sessions with my lovely doula she asked me what my preference was about when to have the baby's umbilical cord clamped. To be honest, it's not something I had given much thought to before. With my first-born we just went with when the midwives said to clamp it.

However, on my doula's advice I have now been reading more about the effect of timing on umbilical cord clamping. It seems there are a number of studies which show increased health benefits for the baby if the cord is clamped after it stops pulsing. This is because it is still delivering important blood, stem cells and oxygen to the baby. Some studies have found this reduces the risk of respiratory diseases and anaemia.

So, I am interested to find out if other mums on here have waited for the cord to stop pulsing before it was cut. Also, how long did this take?

Best wishes,