As bubba number 2 will be arriving soon I have been considering how I am approaching parenting now compared to when I first had my son. I feel a lot more prepared and knowledgeable this time (although I know you can never be totally prepared!) - and I suppose that is normal.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I did not know the things I know now when I had my son. For example, I was influenced by the hospital staff the try nipple shields early on without knowing they are likely to reduce your breast milk supply. These days, I feel confident in our gentle parenting style even if it is not the norm in the area I live. I am happy that we are bringing up our children in a way that respects them and is lead by them. I did not feel this self-assurance when my first-born was very young.

I'm interested to know how other mums felt about their parenting style as their family grew. Did you adapt anything? Did you feel more confident as your family grew? Is there anything you regretted not knowing with earlier children?

Thanks for reading!

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