At the Pregnancy and Parenting Network in October we discussed Unexpected outcomes at length. One of the issues we discussed is what are some positive strategies to help come to terms with an unexpected outcome. Strategies that the group came up with were:
  • Probably one of the most important things to do is to debrief after the birth. You many need to tell your story over and over to different people. Having a skilled listener can be very helpful. Talking to your midwife can help
  • It was suggested to write down your birth story. It was felt that it helped you to learn more about your experience and that you'll remember more.
  • Reading other women's stories was viewed positively by most in the group
  • Look after your health - eat well, rest and consider natural therapies
  • Seek counselling if needed
  • Give yourself time ...

Do you have any other suggestions? Can you share your experience?