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    feeding to a 3 years old child

    I am a mum of three child, My oldest child is about three years old and still feeding on milk. I have often tried, she take interest in solid food but she always prefer milk rather than other food. Please tell me, how I lead her for solid food.

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    Breastmilk or dairy? If it is breast milk, I would not be too concerned. I would just keep offering. If it is dairy milk or formula, than I would try switching to a low-fat version and if she is still drinking from a bottle, try switching her to a regular cup. This way she isn't filling up on liquids.

    Best of luck!

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    Angela had a good suggestion, to be sure that your 3 year old is only drinking milk from a cup (no sippy lid, just the cup). This may slow down her consumption a bit.

    You'll also want to be sure you are not offering any flavored milk like chocolate milk or strawberry milk. If the milk is full of sugar (which is addictive in nature) your daughter will crave it and may choose it over more healthy foods.

    I would not recommend low fat dairy for children (or for adults for that matter). Full fat, raw milk and cheese are a healthier choice, according to Dr. Mercola's article that discusses why you need to avoid low fat milk and cheese.

    I would suggest taking your daughter completely off of milk for 2 days and offering her things like water, green smoothies, broth, soups, fruit, juice, steamed vegetables, high quality protein like chicken, beef and eggs, and a little rice (not too much grains because simple carbohydrates like white bread, biscuits, cookies, etc. will turn to sugar very quickly in the body and fill her full of calories that have very little nutrition).

    You can also try offering her healthy foods when she asks for milk or when she shows signs of being hungry. You can always say, "when you eat your food, then you may have a glass of milk". The milk becomes the supplement, not the main meal. I would also encourage you to only give her milk once a day.

    Often parents find that it is just a lot easier on them to offer milk throughout the day without preparing healthy meals for the child. I understand this, but I've also seen many children who predominantly drink milk and eat biscuits who are overweight - even children who are 1 and 2 years old.

    Please post back with any questions you have or any other thoughts you may have. I had 2 children who were very sensitive to cow milk products. One didn't have any cow milk at all from the time I weaned him until I could find a good source of raw goat milk, and he did just fine. Once I found the raw goat milk, he would only have it on his cereal - he would not drink glasses of milk. It's simply not needed after about 2 years of age.

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