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    Stretch Mark Removal

    Is there any non-surgical treatments for stretch marks after giving birth?

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    Hi Venus,

    Most stretch marks do tend to fade or disappear within 12 months after giving birth.

    Keeping the area with the stretch marks well moisturised can help (e.g. you can continue to use a natural oil on the area).

    Dermatological treatments are available but are not all suitable for breastfeeding mums as some substances may pass into the breast milk.

    It's important to make sure you put sunscreen over stretch marks if you will be in the sun as this can darken them and make them last longer.

    In terms of home remedies, rubbing lime on the stretch marks works for some ladies. Making up or buying lavender moisturiser can also help.

    Best wishes,


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    Here's another thread which discusses how to remove stretchmarks.


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