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Thread: First hair cut

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    First hair cut

    Hello! I am just wondering if there is a best time for a baby to have his/her first haircut? I was considering bringing my 7-month-old son to a professional child hairstylist and just have his long locks trimmed so that he won't get irritated by hair getting onto his face.

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    Hi Venus,

    I think whenever the mum and dad feel it is needed is the best time Babies hair grows at such different rates. My son is 21 months and still doesn't have much hair so I can't imagine him getting it cut for ages! Plus, I like little ones to have long hair (that's just my personal opinion) and before it has ever been cut it will be at its softest. But, as you say, if the hair is irritating your son or getting in his eyes then it may be a good time for the first cut. Take a camera!

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    I don't have any experience with babies that have long hair, as all of my babies pretty much looked like they were bald until they were 2. None of my children had a hair cut before the age of 3. But if baby's hair is getting in his eyes, and he can sit still for a cut, then it may be a good idea.

    You could ask the stylist if he/she has ever cut a 7 month old baby's hair, and what that experience was like so you know what to expect (or whether to choose another stylist).

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    I didn't have the same problem with my daughter. She was bald from birth but she's growing some hair now. I will remember Kate's advice to ask the stylist first. And I will not forget to take the "before and after" pictures of my son, LJ! ^^ Thanks!

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    Hope it is a fun experience Venus!

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