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    Baby #2

    Hi, I'm wondering if there are any tips or things I should be trying to get my 19 month old ready for a new baby. What are some things I can do even after the new baby arrives to make the adjustment smooth?

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    My first 2 children are 19 months apart. I never did anything special to help the older one get ready for a new baby, but I was also sure to have the older one help me with the younger one.

    I did not work outside the house so my children had my full attention. I also had a home birth, so the 19 month old was in our home with me during labour and delivery. I don't think she ever felt like she was being left out, because she was with me during labour and during the delivery she was with her Grandpa downstairs.

    After baby was born, I asked the toddler to bring me diapers, to get the baby's clothes, to rock the baby in the swing. When I would breastfeed the new baby, I would have the toddler sit next to me and I would talk with her or read to her.

    Here's an excellent article on preparing children for birth. And here's a thread on preparing toddlers for the arrival of a new baby.

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    Thanks. I'm thinking along those lines. To avoid her feeling left out, I'm going to be sure to involve her in preparations and allow her to "help" once the baby arrives. Thanks again for the advice.

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