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    Subchorionic Hemorrhage and Myoma


    My first pregnancy was an awful experience due to a subchorionic hemorrhage and myoma.

    I just want to know, is there any chance that these two would recur if I decide to have my second pregnancy?

    How would it affect my pregnancy and health if I plan to conceive at the age of 34 or 35? I'm going 30 this year.

    I definitely would not want to experience it again.

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    So women do tend to be more prone to myoma and other gynecological issues than others. Did you have fibroids before becoming pregnant?

    I do know, that complications from subchorionic hemorrhage and myoma become more common as a woman ages. Clinically speaking, many medical professionals consider the age of 35 to be the early end of "advanced maternal age" because this is around the time when a number of complications before more risky and complicated.

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    No fibroids. But I experience dysmenorrhea everytime I have my monthly period.

    If this is the case, I would have to change plans then. Maybe conceive earlier than 35 years old.

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    Hello Ryden's Mum,

    I would highly recommend that you consider having your second child sooner rather than later, for many reasons.

    As Mom2Many mentioned, it becomes much harder to conceive as you approach your mid 30's.

    You may find that having both of your children close together makes life a little easier on you. I had my first 2 children 19 months apart and they grew up being best friends. They always had a play mate and often... very often, played together. This helped to free up my time and my children were happy because they always had someone to play with.

    If you plan to only have 2 children, then you would also realize that your parenting years will be over at about the same time.... which, again, frees up your time. It's easier to have 2 in nappies for a shorter span of time then one in nappies for 3 years, and then another in nappies for another 3 years.

    And when they're both close in age, the activities you do with one can easily be enjoyed by the other - whereas, if you have children 6 years apart, the activities you want to do with your 6 year old may not be interesting to your 12 year old, and the activities you want to do with your 12 year old may not be appropriate for your 6 year old.

    Being a stay at home mum will allow you to focus on raising your little ones at the same time, and if you consider homeschooling (I hope you will consider this) you can teach both children at about the same grade level very easily (even if they're a couple of years apart).

    I feel strongly that it's worth the extra effort of caring for two little ones at one time - the benefits are huge and you'll have more energy now than if you wait a few years.

    As for the subchorionic hemorrhage and myoma, rates of miscarriage increase with advancing maternal age and increasing size of hematoma. Just because you had this the first time, doesn't mean you will have it again. HOWEVER, we do know that the older you get the higher your chances of having something like this again.

    PMS can be an indication of fibroids, and there are things you can do to naturally reduce or eliminate the fibroids. If you haven't had an ultrasound lately, and you don't plan to have one, then I would encourage you to adjust your diet so that the hormonal imbalance that is causing the PMS is reduced.

    Warm Regards,

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    Hi Kate,

    Wow, you made me realize the pros are greater than the cons here. And I am now convinced that maybe, I'll have to conceive next year. Or maybe, the next two years when Ryden turns 3. I'll be 32 by then. I'm still a little scared of the pregnancy, labour, & delivery process since I had an awful experience. I know I can't get away with this.

    Yes, I should consider homeschooling my daughter. But I still need a lot to learn about this one. And I exactly know where to ask help from. Here! Is there a thread where I can learn the basics of homeschooling? Like, do I really need a lesson plan? How many hours should I spend for homeschool?

    My PMS is really connected to my diet, I agree. So I would really have to eat healthy and avoid food causing my hormonal imbalance.

    Thanks a lot Kate.

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    In making diet changes, I would start with focusing on eating more foods in the micronutrient category instead of foods in the macronutrient category. Micronutrients are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans. Everything else falls into the macronutrient category.

    Be sure to make a green smoothie or green juice at least once a day to begin with, and work up to more micronutrients and less macronutrients from there.

    Also, there is good documentation of people who have been able t shrink their fibroids naturally using good diet, exercise and herbs. Red Clover is an herb which has been helpful in shrinking fibroids but always do your research and if possible work with a holistic practioner that can give you high quality herbs at exactly the dosage you need.

    Warm Regards,


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