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    first pregnancy

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterbirth?

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    Many women choose a waterbirth. The advantages of having a waterbirth are:

    - The warm water acts as a natural form of pain relief.

    - Many women enjoy being in water e.g. them will have a warm bath to relax. If you apply this philosophy during labour then it makes sense that being in water can help a woman to relax. The more relaxed you are in labour, the easier labour tends to be because the surges (contractions) are more efficient and, therefore, the whole labour can be quicker. These are excellent reasons to choose a waterbirth!

    - Labouring in a birthing pool creates your own 'birthing space'. This can help you to focus on your baby and your breathing and not be distracted by the environment/sounds around you.

    The disadvantages of having a waterbirth are:

    - Some women find that it just does not provide adequate pain relief. Every woman and every labour is different. However, you could still use gas and air or have a waterbirth alongside Hypnobirthing.

    -You cannot use a tens machine in the water.

    I hope you find this information useful in making your birthing choices.

    Best wishes,


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    I had 5 homebirths. I gave birth to 3 babies outside of the tub, and gave birth to 2 babies in the tub/water. My water births were the fastest and easiest of all of them.

    Another benefit was that the warm water helped my perineum to relax so that I did not need an episiotomy and I didn't tear at all which meant I also avoided stitches.

    Do you have any concerns about a water birth?

    Warm Regards,


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