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Thread: what about the pain?

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    what about the pain?

    I'm 12 weeks along with my second. I'm not sure I want an epidural again but the thought of those contractions haunt me. Does being in water ease little or much of the pain? How easy or difficult is it to concentrate past the pain?

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    Hi c_northern,

    Water definitely does ease the pain of contractions. In fact I remember my midwife telling me that water acts as a natural epidural.

    I gave birth to my first 3 babies outside of the water, and then had water births with my last 2 babies. Though I will say that the water wasn't exactly the equivalent to an epidural, I will say that contractions were less intense and everything progressed faster.

    Also, I didn't tear at all with the water births, because the warm water helps the tissues to relax.

    I laboured in the water with 4 of my 5 babies (with one, I didn't have time to get in the water once the midwife arrived). The water was extra soothing for me. I rocked back and forth in the water (which helps labour to progress).

    Here's a page with more information about water birth. Enjoy looking around the site!

    Warm Regards,

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    Wow! Thanks. I'll be sure to check out that website.

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