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Thread: Breastfeeding and pregnancy

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    Smile Breastfeeding and pregnancy

    Hello everyone!

    This question is something I would really want to ask.

    Is it safe to continue breastfeeding even upon knowing that you are pregnant?

    If it is safe or at the least risk until what trimester of pregnancy is it still safe to breastfeed a much older child?

    There are some moms who still breastfeed and they don't know that they are pregnant. I know some moms also whp are still breastfeeding even they know they are pregnant. What are the effects of this?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi RachelleMarie,

    For most women, it is perfectly safe and often advantageous to breastfeed during pregnancy. If a woman is experiencing cramping or bleeding, then it might be best not to breastfeed until those things clear up, but most women don't experience this.

    LJ, who is active on this forum, is breastfeeding her toddler and she's due to have her second child in a few weeks. My guess is that she may end up tandem feeding both children once baby arrives, though her toddler might surprise us and decide he's done. A lactating pregnant woman's milk will change in taste and will also decrease in quantity as her body prepares for the birth of her 2nd child.

    Here's a video of a mum who shares an update on how breastfeeding is coming along with her 2 month old AND her 28 month old. The toddler may be weaning now, as you'll hear here talk about, but he definitely breastfed during her pregnancy. Enjoy!

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