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    5 months old and not sleeping in her crib

    My daughter is 5 months old and is still not in her crib. I have tried to just get her in there for naps, to start, but still no progress. She wakes up after 5-10 minutes and gets so upset, she doesn't want to go back to sleep. She will sleep through the night waking only once to feed when she sleeps with us. Do you have any tips on getting her to sleep alone? I am not a fan of the crying it out method, but I want my bed back!

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    Hello halleysmommy,

    I understand that having a little one in bed can be an inconvenience at times (especially when we want some intimate time with our husbands) but on the other hand, the bonding and security that it gives our children is super important.

    We had a family bed with all 5 of our children. All of the children are very bonded to both of us and they have a heart to please their parents. Though I believe that there's a lot of parenting practices that plays a part in bringing up children who want to obey and want to give you their hearts, I also believe that the family bed plays a big part in establishing this during the first few years of life.

    Here's an excellent article on co-sleeping and bonding.

    So how did we have our intimate time with the family bed? First I transitioned them to take naps in another space. Sometimes this was the floor (on a blanket) sometimes it was in a cot, crib or playpen. But the first transition was during nap time.

    Sometimes I would allow them to fall asleep in bed (breastfeeding) and then when they were asleep I would move them onto a blanket on the floor, then hop back in bed with hubby. When I awoke and baby awoke, I would bring baby back into our bed for the rest of the night. This wasn't every night, but it was on occasion and worked well.

    There are other ladies on the forum who also practice the family bed and I'm sure they'll have some good ideas for you as well.

    Here's another thread where I give a very specific example of how to transition from co-sleeping to independent sleeping.

    What are the biggest reasons why you feel it's time to move your 5 month old out of your bed? Does your daughter sleep well in the swing? We'd love to help.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks Kate!

    I have two big reasons:

    1. Worrying that I will sleep too deeply and roll over on her.

    2. Not having intimate time with my husband. Which pretty much is nonexistent now. She will sleep in a swing occasionally, but not for long. She sleeps best with us in our bed (whether we are in there with her or not). I guess we could go into another room while she sleeps. I had not thought of that!

    Thank you for the article!

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    Hi halleysmommy,

    Did you try going into another room for your intimate time this week? Our husbands really need that special time with us, especially when there's a new baby in the home. Did you try having any special time with your husband this week? If so, how did it go, and what would you change next time? If not, was there something in particular that kept you from trying? (i.e. your period, you were too tired, he wasn't interested, etc.)

    It's really important to keep the bond between you and your husband strong, so let me know how it's going and I'll give you some ideas on how to keep that spark alive.

    Warm Regards,


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