I get a lot of questions asked through the website www.pregnancy.com.au - this questions was posted by Erica Morris:
I am a little over 8 wks pregnant. I am not having any bleeding. I have had some mild cramping but all of that presents to be normal my concern is simply this...I know white milky discharge is normal but when I have a bowel movement the discharge looks thick and clotty this is left in the toilet not on the tissue when I wipe. No pain, itching or anything of the sort and its colour is white. Should I be alarmed?

Early pregnancy changes can be a cause of concern for some women. Can you offer any suggestions or advise to Erica? Have you experienced this?

If vaginal discharge is smelly - it can indicate an infection and it is advisable to see a midwife or doctor. Sometimes vaginal discharge increases and is not of concern. Sometimes this type of discharge could be thrush (candidiasis) even without the itching.