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Thread: Takeaway Pizza?

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    Takeaway Pizza?

    I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and am wondering if you can eat takeaway pizza from Pizza Hut or Eagle Boys or the like?

    My concern is obviously the ham, pepperoni etc. However thought it might be okay if it was eaten "hot".

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    Hello Mummy142,

    Pizza is just fine during pregnancy - can be eaten hot or cold because the ham, pepperoni, ground beef, etc. is pre-cooked before it is even placed on the pizza.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Warm Regards,


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    Kate is correct Mummy142. Pizza is fine, hot or cold, since the meat has already been heated. Of course you do not want to eat nothing but takeaway pizza since it is not a particularly healthy option, but I am sure you already know that since you are worrying about this!



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