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Thread: Is It Safe to Have Sex while pregnant?

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    Is It Safe to Have Sex while pregnant?

    Is it safe to have sex while in your 3rd trimester? Are there any contraindications when it comes to having sex while pregnant?

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    Hi MummyMarianne,

    It is absolutely safe to have sex in your 3rd trimester, and in fact, all the way up until your water breaks.

    If you are having contractions too early or threatening going into labour too early then you will want to avoid sex. The reason for this is because seminal fluid acts as a prostaglandin and can soften your cervix which can start contractions.

    If you are not having any signs of contractions (other than the normal braxton hicks), and if your bag of waters is still in tact, then sex can actually be beneficial for both you and your husband.

    For your husband, it will be a few weeks before he's able to have sex with you again, once baby arrives. This is because your body will need time to heal from the birth. So for him, having sex as much as possible up until birth can help satisfy his sex drive until you're able to have sex again.

    For you, it can help you go into labour if you're body is ready to, and you're close or over your due date.

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