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    When should discipline start?

    At what age should discipline start? Are there any recommended guidelines by pediatricians?

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    Hi MummyMarianne,

    I don't know if there are any recommended guidelines by paediatricians as to when discipline should start, but I can say that as soon as you start to see your child show a bad attitude you need to correct it. I was actively disciplining my children when they were 15 months old, "nipping things in the bud", so to speak, and teaching them proper responses and behavior. The sooner you correct the poor behavior, the less bad behavior your child will exhibit and the less correcting you will have to do over time.

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    Your newborn cries, you pick him up. He's hungry, you feed him. His diaper is wet, you change him. Of course you cater to his every need. Baby care is hard enough; surely, you think, you don't need to worry about disciplining your little darling, right? But soon enough, baby gets a bit wiser, his needs morph into wants, and you find that you have to set a limit or two. Just how many times do you scoop the tossed pacifier from the floor or grin and bear the overturned cereal bowl?

    We know what you're thinking: 1 or 2 years old is too young for punishment. Ah, there's the rub. Discipline isn't about punishment. It's about teaching and guidance, which can -- and should -- start in infancy's earliest stages.

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