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    she want a baby..

    My sister in law is living together with my brother for 10 years. And not only once that she conceived. My borther was used to be a drug dependant. Does it matter? I mean does my brother's being a drug dependent caused my sister in law for not conceiving?

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    Hi Carolg,

    When you consider that the health of a child is greatly influenced by the health of the egg and sperm which create the child, then you quickly realize that the quality of sperm can play a large part in whether conception can occur. Often times, even if a sperm can penetrate an egg and fertilize it, the embryo that is created will have chromosomal defects, and the pregnancy results in a really early miscarriage - often so early that the woman will not even know that she was pregnant.

    However, if your brother has been completely clean of drugs and smoking, and has been eating a highly nutritious diet of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein, high quality oils and essential fatty acids, then his sperm may be high quality as well.

    Sperm need to be able to swim in the right direction (not around in circles) and they need to be formed properly, and then there needs to be enough of them to increased the odds of one being able to get to the egg and fertilize it.

    I would highly encourage your sister-in-law and your brother to start a preconception program together so that both of them are creating healthy bodies and healthy genetic material which will give them the best chance of conceiving a healthy baby.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate,

    Thank you so much for a very good explanation and suggestion. I will discuss this to them or let them read this so they will have a clearer view on this issue.

    It's really nice that I joined this forum. Very helpful and interesting indeed!

    All the best,

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