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Thread: Baby vaccination

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    Baby vaccination

    Hi all,

    What do you think about baby vaccination? Some say it does more damage than good, as it may affect babies brain and immunity system. Do you have any experiences or advices concerning vaccination?

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    Vaccination in general has become very aggressive in some countries and so it's really important to do your research on which vaccinations you feel offer the strongest benefit to your child. Some don't vaccinate their children at all because they feel the risks outweigh the benefit. Some selectively vaccinate with only those vaccinations they feel the benefits outweigh the risks. These parents usually strategically choose the time for their children to be vaccinated so their immune system is as strong as possible at the time the vaccine is given, to reduce the chance of complications.

    And, of course, there are parents who give all vaccines simply because the doctors recommend it. My biggest concern with this method is that doctors are often compensated by the pharmaceutical companies for administering vaccines... money in their pocket, and they don't necessarily take the time to discuss each individual child's needs with parents before making recommendations specific to that child.

    I have a friend who's daughter had a cold, and the doctor told him that she could receive her vaccines even though she had a cold. Now, we know the child's immune system wasn't at it's strongest. It was already compromised because it was fighting off a virus.

    After that child received her vaccines, she ran a fairly high fever, not just the typical "low grade fever" that can be associated with vaccines.

    There is an entire forum on this site that has a lot of good information on vaccines. I'm sure you'll find some interesting information there.

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