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    Question is this normal...

    I am pregnant with my third child, I am 5 weeks I am a little bit worried as soo bloated I look 4 months pregnant and I keep getting dull pains in my belly today it felt like a stitch on one side I have a cold too keep coughing it don't help feel like poo help or I'm I just worried for nothing love emma xx
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    Hello Emma,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sometimes pregnancies can be different from one to next. If you're feeling bloated and gassy you may want to try taking a digestive enzyme before meals. These can be picked up at the health store and usually have digestive enzymes like bromelain, papain and sometimes ox bile. It helps you to digest your food better relieving you of gas, bloating and burping.

    You can also try avoiding dairy products (product mucus and make you more stuffed up when you have a cold) and wheat, as those often cause digestive issues. Pineapple has bromelain in it and Papaya has papain, so eating these fruits with meals can also help with digestion.

    Once the bloating has subsided then you may find that your tummy looks bigger than it did with your other pregnancies, simply because the abdominal muscles are often not as tight as they were with your first pregnancy.

    You may find that taking a natural cough syrup helps with your cough. You can actually make it yourself.

    If you have any concerns at all, contact your midwife or doctor.

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    Hello and Congrats on your new pregnancy!

    You must remember, every pregnancy is different. You will begin to "show" sooner with every pregnancy. The bloating could also be hormonal or the result of water weight gain. Remember you hormones are all over the place right now. The pain, could very well be round ligament stretching this early in pregnancy.

    Good Luck!


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