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    Thoughts on Weaning

    Hi Mummies,

    I really want to know, when is the best time to wean babies completely from milk? My baby already eats healthy meals and smoothies for snacks most of the time but still loves milk and asks for it. She's 1 year and 7 months now. I need some help on this one please. Thanks!

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    Hi Kriziela,

    At 12 months of age most children can go onto cow milk which has much less sugar/sweet than formula. A breastfed baby can continue on breastmilk without any cow milk until they wean from the breast.

    Your child should be fine on 3 cups of whole milk per day. Any more than that and she will be getting too many calories from milk, and not enough from other sources. If she is still thirsty, offer water.

    Glad to hear you are offering smoothies. Be sure you are adding fresh greens like kale or spinach because these greens have incredible nutrition that can be hard to get into a toddler.

    I'd make the transition from formula to straight cow milk now as she may find that the cow milk doesn't taste as sweet, and thus she may ask for it less often.

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    Weaning from bottle to cup

    I also wanted to mention that if you are still offering Ryden a bottle, this could also contribute to her desiring and drinking more milk that she actually needs.

    I would encourage you to transition her off of the bottle and onto a cup of cow milk or goat milk now. She's definitely old enough to manage a cup (even if it's not a sippy cup) and you can just offer this to her with her meals.

    Baby Led Weaning is a wonderful way to wean your daughter. Here's a short little video showing a 10 month old who is drinking water from a cup, unassisted. Is Ryden still on formula and is she still drinking from a bottle? You'll really want to wean before she's 2 because at that age it becomes much harder to get a child to give up the bottle.

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