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    People Asking with my Pregnancy

    When people knows about my pregnancy, they ask personal questions about it and sometimes touch my belly. How can I discourage them and tell them that should mind their own business without being rude?

    I hope you can give me advice on this.
    Thank you.

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    I'm probably not the best one to give you advice on this simply because I enjoyed each pregnancy so much and was proud to have others be excited about it too.

    It can be hard to discourage little old ladies from touching your belly, but it is absolutely appropriate to discourage men from touching you. Maybe you could just try saying "Please don't do that." and turning away.

    Your response will obviously depend upon who is asking personal questions and who wants to touch your belly, but I don't think I'd tell someone to "mind their own business".

    Once baby arrives, you'll have all kinds of people wanting to touch baby or hold baby. If you keep baby in the car seat and place the car seat in the shopping trolly, you'll want to cover the baby's car seat with a lightweight blanket, like a receiving blanket, to discourage others from reaching to touch your baby. If you wear a sling and put baby in the sling, this also will offer some protection from others wanting to touch your baby.

    Please feel free to share an uncomfortable situation where you had someone who wanted to touch your belly or who was asking personal questions, and you wanted to tell them to stop, but you didn't know how to do it. If you can share a specific instance then I'll be able to better give suggestions on how to avoid those kinds of situations in the future.

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    Thanks for your wonderful thoughts. =)

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