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Thread: My second question regarding conception

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    How does work affects one's fertility?

    This is the continuation of my first post regarding fertility and conception problems.

    When I had my check-up last 2011, my Obstetrician told me that stress plays a great factor as to why I haven't been able to conceive.
    However, when I look into it, I haven't been so stressed because I don't work, I am a plain housewife and my husband works in a telecom industry.

    Does the work of my husband somehow affects the health of his sperm cells?
    Does this have something to do with my quest to getting pregnant?

    Thank you.
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    I would definitely have your husband's sperm tested just to rule out the possibility of a male factor. Not knowing exactly what your husband's day to day work looks like makes it difficult to know whether his work would be affecting his sperm or not.

    As for stress playing a role in infertility, I'd have to say that it definitely can, but if you don't feel stressed and you're getting plenty of rest each day, I'd tend to say that this is not the primary cause. You should be getting uninterrupted sleep at night, at least 7 hours a night, preferably more like 8 to 10 hours a night. Your windows should have dark shades on them so that your room is black at night. You should not be able to see your hand if you place it in front of your face. The room needs to be that dark.

    You'll also want to be sure you there is no noise when you are sleeping and that you unplug any devices in the room. Clocks, cell phones, iPods... all of those things can emit levels of radiation that can affect fertility.

    Let me know what your husband's work day looks like and I'll give you an indication as to whether I think his work could be affecting his fertility - but more important than that would be to have him tested so you have a good baseline reading of how many sperm he is producing and what the quality of those sperm are (whether they can swim in a straight line, whether they are strong enough to penetrate an egg, etc.).

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    Hello again Ms. Kate!

    My husband's day-to-day work begins from 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM, Monday-Saturday.
    He caters to sales transactions in the office and most of the time, he faces the computer for encoding, emailing and the like.
    He just sit there and almost never leave his desk.
    He gets a day off once a week.

    With regards to sperm test, I'll communicate this to him.

    Thank you again Ms. Kate.


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    Studies are now showing that radiation from computers can have a negative effect on the reproductive system. This is also true for cell phones.

    I would encourage your husband to not carry a cell phone in his front pocket, which is close to where sperm are created and stored.

    Something that can be very helpful for increasing sperm quality and quantity is eating an organic diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reducing/eliminating sugar and white flour. It's also important to be sure he's getting enough essential fatty acids. Your husband could take the following supplements which have been shown to be beneficial to sperm:

    1. Multi-Vitamin for men
    2. Vitamin E
    3. Cod Liver Oil (which has some Vitamin D in it too)
    4. Vitamin D3 (if he's not getting at least 15 minutes of sunshine on his skin each day (not just his face)).
    5. Zinc

    I would encourage you both to start a preconception plan right away to help boost your fertility.

    Please feel free to post back any questions you may have.

    Warm Regards,


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