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    What methods will my husband and I use in order to conceive?

    My friends and relatives have been asking me and my husband for a long time why we haven't had a child yet.
    They were asking us if we have problems on our reproductive system.
    It somehow hurt my ego because I, myself do not know the cause of this problem.

    We do not have infertility issues or history in the family.
    However, as I've mentioned in my previous post, my mum had a history of ovarian cysts.

    I know that I am still young (24 years old) but we eagerly wanted to have a baby now.
    I have regular menstruation every month and I have followed the calendar method. However, I failed many times because I still have my menstruation the next month.

    What methods will we have to use in order to conceive?

    Your answers will be a great help to us.

    Thank you very much.
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