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Hi Jane -I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy, yesterday after going to the toilet I wiped and there was one wipe of bright red blood but no more and nothing else since, no cramping or anything. I have a prolapsed vaginal wall (due to first pregnancy) and have to help by pressing when having a bowel movement, could the blood have been from a scratch? I haven't been to the ER or doctors as there was only the one wipe of blood and I didn't want to seem panicky.

Have you experienced something similar? What did you do? What happened after you find the small amount of bright red blood?

Sometimes you can have a small amount of bright red blood after sex (or the following morning). Sometimes it happens for no reason that can be identified. If there is no further bleeding just mention it to your midwife or doctor at the next visit. If you have a negative blood group - contact your midwife or doctor for advise.