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    Scaly skin patches

    My toddler has scaly skin patches just below her knees. I know this isn't a big deal since toddlers usually get scratches almost everytime but I am concerned because we have a family history of eczema. I am not even sure if this is eczema, indeed. I'll be scheduling an appointment with the dermatologist and the paediatrician but that'll be a week from now. I'd like to ask if there is anything I can apply to smoothen the patches, perhaps to not worsen it. I am afraid to use the creams my mum use considering my daughter's age. Thanks a lot!

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    Hi mylifemylovemylittlegirl,

    The fact that eczema runs in the family would be my first clue that the scaly skin on your daughter's knees/legs is just that.

    Some things you may want to try before going to the doctor would be to make sure she is getting plenty of vitamin C in her diet. Fresh oranges and green smoothies can be very helpful.

    You'll also want to be sure she is getting enough essential fatty acids. This could be in the form of fresh fish like Salmon or Cod, or could be in the form of oils, like cod liver oil or flax oil. Flax oil swirled into a green smoothie will be the best tasting for your daughter.

    Here's an excellent page with some good information on home remedies for eczema which wil help your daughter have a strong immune system. This not only means she will avoid illnesses more often, but also means that her dry, scaly skin patches should clear right up over time. Giving your daughter an abundance of alkaline foods will definitely help her to avoid Eczema even though it runs in the family.

    Please post back with any questions or comments of information you found helpful.

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    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for all the tips. I know since it runs in the family, it will point to that in the end, however there is no harm in preventing it or doing something to lessen the symptoms. I love your home remedies, I am not a fond of medicines especially if they are for my little girl. I'd rather go natural and organic methods first. They are effective, practical and side-effects free. Thanks again, Kate!

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