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Thread: People Asking of Names

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    People Asking of Names

    Everyone wants to know what we're going to name our baby. The problem is that when I mention the names we're considering, people are reacting negatively. My friends and parents keep discouraging me of the names that I really want. How do I deal with their comments?

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    One of the best ways to deal with this is to just say, "we haven't decided yet". My husband and I decided on a name for our first baby before she was born, but after she was born I looked at her and decided that I liked another name better for her. So truly, if you choose a name before baby is born, you won't really know that that will be his or her name until you sign the birth certificate.

    With our 3rd, 4th and 5th babies, we didn't have a name picked out until after the baby was born.

    And if they want to know what names you're thinking about, you can always say, "do you have any suggestions"? Then they'll offer their suggestions and you can say, "we'll add them to the list". This way they feel that they've been able to contribute (and they have hope that you'll pick their name) but you don't have to share what names you're considering (which most likely they truly don't care about as much as they care that you'll consider a name they like and would gladly offer if you asked them for their thoughts).

    Please feel free to post back if you think of another scenario that may arise that you'd need an answer for. This is your baby and you have every right to choose a name you love... once baby arrives, the grandparents will fall in love with the baby and baby's name will not matter much at all. If you can get them to just wait until the baby is born for you to decide on a name, then it will be much easier on you.

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