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Thread: Warts on Breast

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    Warts on Breast

    My sister is on her 34th week of pregnancy. She saw wart-like structures on her breasts, a few centimeters away from her areola. She mentioned they are not itchy or painful or anything. Almost just like they are never there at all. However, her biggest concern is when she starts breastfeeding. The warts may be hindering milk flow or may get irritated by the bub's sucking. Should she have this removed or treated? I don't know what to advice her since I did not experience anything like this. Thanks for whatever you can share.

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    Warts are not something that I've personally experienced but as for whether it would hinder her milk supply, my guess is "no". If they're just on the surface of the skin, they're not going to interfere with the milk ducts or veins which carry milk to the nipple.

    However, my foremost concern would be if the warts are contagious an if she could possibly transfer them to her baby's mouth.

    Not being able to see a picture of them and not having a better description of their color, size and texture makes it really hard to even know if they are warts or not.

    I would encourage her to see her doctor so she can find out what they are and then figure out how she got them (is it just an immune reaction, and if so, she can boost her immune system to help them go away naturally).

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    Same here. I haven't had any first hand experience with warts or such structures. Perhaps she may have to be referred to a derma, even then I am already relieved by the thought that it won't hinder breastfeeding. Just the same, it would be best to consult a doctor. Thanks Kate! This site is very helpful.

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